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Asphalt paving, grading, excavating, septic systems, concrete, dump truck services.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us. You can call today at 1-800-BLACKTOP or 919-452-1618 to schedule Asphalt Paving, Pavers, Repair and Crack Filling, Grading, Excavating, Footings & Concrete Pads, Gravel Delivery, Demolition, and Dump Truck Contract Hauling. 

Long Incorporated for all your asphalt paving and maintenance needs…Remember, if you didn’t call Long Inc….it’s your own asphalt!

Long Inc.’s customer list includes Airports, business owners, homeowners, contractors, utility companies, city and county governments, stone quarries and industrial companies. 



Asphalt is the sustainable material for building pavements.

It's smooth, so vehicles consume less fuel and produce lower emissions; it's quiet, so expensive noise walls don't need to be constructed; it's safe, providing excellent gripping power; and it's durable, so that the road never needs to be removed and replaced. It is also the most recycled material in the U.S.

What is asphalt made of?

Asphalt is made from stones, sand, and gravel, held together by asphalt cement.